It’s the time of COVID 19 pandemic that has brought all our lives to a grinding halt and now we are slowly inching back to normalcy. What is needed now is a little care, lots of precautions and some strict regimes in our lives to get past this phase and bring our lives back to normal. While much has changes we as individuals are now more focused on staying indoors with minimum outdoor movements.
In this blog we would like to share some minor tips that can help us and our families stay safe and in a clean environment. Our tips for this week are,

When moving out of the house be sure to have a mask and a pair of gloves besides the ones we wear. This is to have a backup when and if we are in a situation that needs a replacement or it can also be that could be given to somebody in need.

When returning home please ensure you dispose off the used gloves and mask at the door step before entering the main hall. It is recommended to keep a dustbin at the entrance for such disposals.

Have a door mat for every room if possible starting with one at the entrance door which will reduce the amount of dust that u can avoid into these rooms.

Dispose your clothes worn when going out into a separate bin and do not mix with clothes used inside. Try to wash the clothes work outside as regularly as possible.

Keep a sanitizer always in your handbag and one at the entrance of your home. Do not keep sanitizers in your vehicle and leave it exposed to heat. Always ensure it is stored in a safe place away from heat and fire as it contains alcohol.

Try to sanitize items brought from outside before it is used. All food items should be washed properly before being used by others or even cooked.

When inviting visitors or relatives from outside please ensure they also use protection like face masks and gloves while they are in your premises. It is better to keep safe distance during these times
Try to have timely meals and improve your immune system. Unless we are healthy we are always at risk and may not see through these tough times. Let’s be safe than sorry. 

Try to stay indoors and closely protect your children and seniors as these two groups are more at risk of an infection.

Enjoy life with the family and try to make the best of the times that we get with them . Once we get to normal it is rat race . So make most of the good times.

Have a great homely time with your near and dear ones