We often notice that our silver utensils and jewelry become dull in looks over a period of time. A simple tip to restore it’s original luster is by mixing three parts of baking soda with one part of water and using this solution to clean the material. You will see the results making your product look as new.

Copper utensils and showpieces seem to fade and develop a dull look over a period of time. A simple trick to ensure this can be restored to its original look is by mixing ketchup and salt into a paste and using this paste to clean wipe the product making it look like original.

It is always recommended to have your bed and sofas are vacuumed periodically so that it looks fresh and have all dirt and debris that accumulates over a period. It is generally considered as a least important factor as we do not see any debris in this furniture, but the real fact is there are many pockets in which dirt accumulates. It is preferred to engage a professional cleaning company to do this for you.

How to keep your home smelling sweet always: We always worry about our house smelling well due to our spicy cooking and the amount of furniture we hold. To keep one’s home smelling sweet follow these small tricks and you will see the difference.

  1. Do not keep kitchen waste overnight in bins within the house. It is always preferred to dispose the waste of your home daily and leave the bin dry overnight to avoid cockroaches and flies in. This also reduces the foul smell that is generated from compositing of waste.
  2. Keep a small time of baking soda in your fridge to avoid a smelly interior. Once is a week it is advised to switch off the refrigerator, remove all stored food, vegetables, fruits etc. and clean the interiors. This will allow the machine to have a breather while also making sure the interiors are clean, any frozen areas and defrosted and your refrigerator is well maintained.
  3. Open your doors and windows daily for a while to have a cross ventilation of your home. This allows for fresh air and removal of odor that builds up within closed spaces. People who live-in high-rise apartments should always keep lot of open spaces and rooms should be well lit with natural light. Those who have limited access to external lighting should allow for fresh air to move in by keeping the windows open for a while to allow some freshness within the living space.
  4. Take a small pot add water and boil. Add some slices of lemon, mint and any other fragrance-based fruit flower or leaf and let the vapors travel within the home. This is a natural way of making the home smell good.